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Baby Powder scented Soap

8 PACK OF CLEAN SHEETS Moisturizing Bath Soap Bars - Each Bar is 8.8 OZ

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CLEAN SHEETS 8 Bar Multi Pack Soap
Free Shipping

8 PACK of our baby powder fresh CLEAN SHEETS bath soap body bars (picture shows one bar but you get eight bars total) FREE Shipping

Remember when your mom hung the laundry on the clothes line in the back yard and the bed sheets got a little KISS from the sun as they were drying. CLEAN SHEETS all natural moisturizing bath and body bar soap in a way was the result of that special affair our mattress was having with the planet. Reminds us of a clean baby powdered and ready to bundle up for a trip to cloud 9.

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For men, women and children

Non Returnable

Cruelty Free

Paraben Free

Dermatologist Tested

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