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Spearmint scented bath soap

8 PACK OF MEGA MINT Moisturizing Bath Soap Bars - Each Bar is 8.8 OZ

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Mega Mint 8 Bar Multi Pack Soap
Free Shipping

8 PACK of our Mega Mint bath soap body bars (picture shows one bar but you get eight bars total) FREE Shipping

MEGA MINT all natural moisturizing bath and shower bar soap awakens you in the shower with the scent of fresh spearmint you're sure to love. If you like a bar of soap that's rich and creamy, it's what you'll get with MEGA MINT all natural bath soap bars. Made primarily from palm and coconut oil and preserved with lemon juice. This soap does not smell like peppermint rather its more of a spearmint scent. Most people who smell it can't take it away from their nose; that's how nice it smells.

For men, women and children

Not Returnable

Cruelty Free

Paraben Free

Dermatologist Tested

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