About Body Detailer®


Body Detailer Personal Care was founded by visionary leader and entrepreneur Gerald Crosby after he spent more than two decades managing Mansions for the affluent families that lived in them. One of his jobs while working in those homes was to purchase all the supplies used in them and make sure the luxury cars were well maintained and detailed in a flawless manner every day. That experience eventually led to him creating some of the highest quality and most sought after bath and shower products available today at affordable prices.

One day while walking on a beautiful beach (Gerald's think tank), he thought about the concept behind detailing a car, why it's usually done and why it's called detailing the car opposed to washing the car. His thinking was that it's typically detailed for one reason and that reason is because people want their car to look flawless down to every detail.

With that in mind, he thought how we as humans ultimately detail ourselves in the bath or shower for the same exact reason. We want to look and smell flawless down to the last detail. He thought spending time in the bathroom daily is such a common occurrence for pretty much everyone, and there's no other reason we all do it other than to detail our body. Some will refer to the routine as taking a shower or a bath; but we prefer to call it the most important detail of a person's day. It was this thinking process that ultimately became the foundational building blocks for Body Detailer Personal Care.

Today every product we manufacture is scrutinized to assure the same high quality as the products Gerald purchased and placed in the enormous showers of those Mansions he lived and worked in, the only difference is you don't have to be rich to buy them. He paid $25 a bar for bath soaps by the case because his employers wanted the best, so he re-engineered the $25 bath soap bar and sold it for much less so everyone could afford them. 

Every day we enhance people’s lives across America by designing and manufacturing innovative & distinctively high quality daily hygiene care products at affordable prices. If it's not the highest quality possible, it doesn't make the cut, it's that simple.