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Benefits of Using Bar Soaps

Posted by Dr Soap on on Nov 21st 2018

We interviewed people outside grocery stores and some popular gyms in Los Angeles to find out how people use a bar of soap, this is what we learned. The great majority of people we spoke to said the best way to use a bar of soap is with a soft wash cloth. Just a few turns of a soap bar wrapped inside a warm wash cloth can clean your entire body in half the time as using only your hands, and the best part is, you get a full coverage detailed clean. 

So remember, if you really like to get squeaky clean in the least amount of time using the least amount of water, Body Detailer would like to introduce you to a few bars of soap we think you’ll love. All of our soap bars are enriched with organic Shea butter, produced cruelty free and they seem to last forever. Body Detailer bar soaps produce extreme rich lather and will surprise you with attractive fragrances you won't find in other soaps. So shop our bar soaps category, find your shower partner, and let us take care of the details....