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Moisturizing French milled bar soaps are made to last much longer than ordinary soap bars and provide organic Shea butter to keep skin soft and smooth.

French Milled Moisturizing Bar Soaps with Organic Shea butter, lasts longer than ordinary soaps 8.8 oz each

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French Milled Bar Soap
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French Milled Soaps on Amazon

3 pack variety French milled bar soap gift set from Body Detailer. Enjoy three of our luxurious lathering  moisturizing soaps at a reduced price to try them out. This 3 pack of French milled soap bars include our most popular MEGA MINT, CLEAN SHEETS and Calendula. Quad milled in Provence France to make the soap last longer, you'll be surprised just how long each bar of soap will last. Each of our French milled soap bars have been enriched with organic Shea butter to help moisturize your skin and produces rich luxurious lather unlike other soaps. Buy as a gift soap set or pamper yourself in the bath or shower while trying each of our delicious fragrances. As a gift set, your recipient will thank you for getting them what they'll consider a very high quality soap like none they've ever tried. This soap gift set comes with three 8.8 oz French milled soap bars in 3 different fragrances you're sure to love.


All of our moisturizing French milled bath soap bars are made in Provence France with care, are vegetable based with palm oil and enriched with organic Shea butter. The scent of our soaps are carefully prepared by perfumers in Grasse, France the perfume capitol of the world which means with each bath or shower to take, you're wearing quality scents prepared by world renowned experts in fragrance.

  • Paraben FREE
  • Phthalate FREE
  • No Added Colors

Compare to L'Occitane Bar Soaps


 French milled moisturizing bath & shower soap bars from Body Detailer are the perfect size and have smooth edges for a comfortable feel when new


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