SHEA BOMB bath soap is an explosion of moisture rich Shea butter enriched with organic Calendula flower extract and organic Argan oil, simply put, its the best bar of soap in the world.

SHEA BOMB vegetable bath soap bars with Shea Butter, Calendula, Argan Oil 8.8 oz

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SHEA BOMB with Calendula
SHEA BOMB vegetable based bath soap bars with organic Calendula flower extract, Argan oil and Shea butter have a fresh & clean powdery scent with a touch of perfume for both men and women. It provides an explosion of moisturizing silky lather that works to relieve dry irritated skin. 
May also be used to shave and is soothing to sensitive skin on any part of the body you choose to use it on (Avoid contact with eyes when shaving with Shea Bomb soap)
If you have ACNE prone oily skin, SHEA BOMB bath soap may help.
Keeps razor sharp: After using your razor, just drag it across this soap bar a few times to clog the blades with soap and lay your razor in the shower away from water for next time you need to use it. The oils in this soap will slow down oxidization of the blades keeping them sharp longer. 

men, women and children

Lather on in bath or shower and rinse.
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Cruelty Free

Paraben Free

Dermatologist Tested

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