Benefits of Quad Milled Soap



Quad milled means that the soap has been pressed four separate times. This process helps to remove air bubbles in the soap and it creates a smooth, creamier lather. Quad milled soap is also more long-lasting than other types of soap and won't dissolve as fast as regular soap does.

The process of quad milling soap begins with the creation of a bar of soap. Then the soap gets pressed and then its made into a bar again. This process is repeated four times.

The final product is a soap bar that is very dense and long-lasting. Quad milled soap is also more expensive than other types of soap due to the repeated tasks of making it, but it is worth the price for the quality and performance you get from it. All of our soaps are made from plant oils and shea butter, they don't contain any tallow and have been priced as low as possible to introduce customers to a better quality bar of soap. Once you try Body Detailer bath soaps, you'll then know not all soaps are equal.