What are the best bath soaps to use

When looking for the best bath soaps to use you'll want to find ones that contain Shea butter at the very least as it helps keep skin from drying out. Another thing to look for are soaps made from palm oil and other plant extracts. Bath soaps made from plant oils and extracts are more gentle on skin and are a more versatile option for all skin types.

If longevity is something you desire in a bath bar, then you'll want soaps that have been pressed with machines, an example of this are soaps like triple milled or even better, soaps that were quad milled because this process of pressing soaps multiple times will make it very dense which means it doesn't shrink as fast when using it. Soaps you see that are hand crafted, usually square or rectangular with sharp edges, those soaps are not pressed by machines and will dissolve very quickly when used regardless of what they're made of. While many hand crafted soaps are very nice to use, they can be expensive due to their ability to dissolve quicker.

Another thing to look out for are soaps that can actually hurt you. Bath soap that's been opened and used in a bath or shower obviously become wet and sometimes a shower can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Typically areas like this are dark and wet which meet all the criteria for the development of different types of bacteria's. If a soap doesn't have the proper preservation properties, antimicrobial agents in them, the soap bar itself can became covered with dangerous bacteria which can cause a lot of problems. We use soap on our face and if a soap has certain strains of bacteria on it because it lacks the proper preservation system, that bacteria can get in your eyes and hurt you. There are a lot of homemade soaps out there these days and many of them just don't meet the requirements of a completely safe soap to use. That includes liquid and solid soap. Soaps that do have a good preservation system in them won't typically say anything to that effect on the packaging so it comes down to whoever's making it. Just because it says soap on the packaging doesn't make it safe to use.


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