How Triple Milled Soap is Made

There are 3 ways to make bath soap, read on to learn how and what makes our quad milled soaps better.

Traditional store bought multi packs of bath soap are basically made one time. Other bath soaps called triple milled soaps are made three times and then you have Body Detailer quad milled bath soaps which are made 4 times. Lets explore each method of making bath soap so you're more informed of how to shop for soap. The methods we discuss remind us of how the food industry operates by placing two exact same size boxes of cereal for example side by side on the shelf, yet one has more cereal than the other. Or how two cans of tuna look the same size yet one has more in it than the other. Its a typical industry trick in food but the soap isle also has the same kind of tricks you may never knew about.

  • How traditional soaps are made, the inexpensive multi-pack variety found in most grocery stores

This is when the soap is melted and poured into a mold one time which makes the shape of the soap and then a logo is stamped onto the bar of soap and its done. Making it this way is the cheapest method for two reasons. One reason is because the ingredients used to make it which include tallow, an animal fat byproduct. The second reason its cheaper to make is because its poured into the mold once and its done.

  • How triple milled soaps are made

This is when the soap is made three separate times. Its pressed in the mold and forms a shaped bar. Its then literally smashed with a machine that applies tons of pressure making the soap bar flat as a sheet of paper. Its then pressed into the mold again and then its smashed by the machine a second time. It then goes through the process one more time and then when its made again its stamped with a logo and its a completed triple milled bar of soap. Triple milled soaps are also typically made from plant oils opposed to tallow and other harsh surfactants. This can cost more because of the ingredients and the extensive process of making it several times.

  • How Body Detailer quad milled bath soaps are made

We make Body Detailer bath soaps using the same method of triple milled soaps, the only difference is we make them four separate times instead of three. After the soap has been made, then smashed, we do it a total of four times. Triple milled soaps last longer than traditional soaps which are only made once and never smashed. Quad milled soaps will last longer than triple milled soaps because they are smashed more times than triple milled soaps.

You can use all three methods to make a bar of soap and putting it into the same exact size mold and you'll end up with three bars of soap that appear they are the exact same size. But size appearance can be an illusion because if you place each bar on a scale, they won't be the same weight. The triple milled bar will be heavier than the traditional bar and the quad milled bar will be heavier than both the traditional and triple milled bar.

  • So what does all this mean?

Traditional soap bars use surfactants to create lather and they dissolve faster in the shower. Triple and quad milled bars use healthier ingredients like botanical oils, and by smashing them multiple times using extreme pressure it makes the soap more dense which is why they weigh more yet can appear the same size as a traditionally made bar of soap. By using oils and making them so dense the soaps have no choice but to create lather which is also creamier and more natural. Because they are so dense, they do not dissolve as quickly as a cheaper bar of soap.

The bottom line when choosing a bar of bath soap. If quality skin friendly ingredients are a preference, then choose soaps made from plant oils that do not contain tallow or other surfactants. If you want a soap that will last longer without dissolving quickly, then choose either triple milled or quad milled soaps. If you just want the best bath soap you can find, our quad milled bath bars are an excellent choice because soap doesn't get any better than Body Detailer. We set aside our obstacles like cost to make and focused only on making the best soap. Then we set aside our desire to make a lot of profit and focused on making the best soap anyone could afford to buy. The results speak for themselves and our commitment to providing a quality product at a good price has worked over the years so we're not going anywhere. 

  • Our Story

and that's the story of how soaps are made and we're sticking to the method we chose from the beginning, hopefully you discover our soap and feel glad you did.