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CLEAN SHEETS™ moisturizing soap bar with organic Shea butter for bath & body creates lots of luxurious lather when used in the shower. Quad milled in Provence France for a longer lasting shower bar that won't dissolve as quickly as ordinary soap bars do. Fresh clean fragrance with a hint of powdery notes you're sure to love.

CLEAN SHEETS bath soap bar with moisturizing organic Shea Butter 8.8 oz

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The story of CLEAN SHEETS moisturizing bath & body bar soap

Remember when your mom hung the laundry on the clothes line in the back yard and the bed sheets got a little KISS from the sun as they were drying. CLEAN SHEETS moisturizing bath and body bar soap in a way was the result of that special affair our mattress was having with the planet. Each CLEAN SHEETS bar soaps is 8.8 oz in size, vegetable based and enriched with nourishing organic Shea butter to keep skin soft and smooth. CLEAN SHEETS moisturizing soap bars are Quad milled in Provence France to make them last much longer than ordinary bars of soap and you'll love the fresh clean scent it provides as well as the extreme lather while it cleanses your body making you anew. Light fresh & clean powdery scent.

Just a few qualities you'll find in this bar of soap are:

  • Paraben FREE
  • Phthalate FREE
  • No Color Added
  • Combination scent of clean sheets with a hint of baby powder freshness making you more desirable up close
  • Organic Shea butter helps keep the skin moisturized and soft
  • Quad Milled makes this soap bar last longer in the shower preventing it from dissolving quickly like other soaps
  • Rich luxurious lather increases the more you massage your body with a wash cloth
  • Made in France with care under strict quality guidelines for the perfect bar of soap


 Compare to L'Occitane Bar Soaps

French milled moisturizing bath & shower soap bars from Body Detailer are the perfect size and have smooth edges for a comfortable feel when new




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