Malibu Beachfront Sunset TV AD for Body Detailer Personal Care

Posted by Gerald Crosby on on Jul 3rd 2017

Deck scene

A beautiful sunset atop of the Pacific Ocean, a deck with a fireplace and a candle lit table for two. Man chopping firewood with an axe. An Amazon drone flies in from the horizon, sunsetting in background the drone delivers an AXE detailer to polish up his axe to remove the rust for a clean cut of his firewood. His phone rings, he answers and its the girl running late but she's 15 minutes away as her Porsche hugs pacific coast highway, wind in her soft silky hair, Sade echoing from the cars sound system. Guy tosses his cell phone in the ocean and frantically pops open the wine placing it on the candle lit setting for two and heads for the shower.

Bathroom scene

all you see are his clothes hitting the floor, you can hear the shower running and steam fills the room as he steps into the shower. Soap suds drip down his legs into drain and a voice narrates how important it is to use the right tools for the job, camera pans to show the new body wash and shampoo from Body Detailer.

Doorbell rings, guy jumps out of shower with a towel and answers the door. Two pairs of legs make their way through the oceanfront bachelor's pad and out onto the deck where the fires HOT, ocean waves are breaking and seagulls are crying in the wind.

Camera surveys the scene, his Axe is polished to a sparkling gleam with help from the Axe detailer.

The bottle of wine releases LOVE into the air. Guy throws the axe and the axe detailer onto the wood pile, kisses the girl and his towel comes loose and hits the deck.

Voice narrates

Body Detailer - because in life every detail matters.


No real claims are made, its just an interesting ad that entices people to watch it. Thought up and written by Gerald Crosby while walking Carbon Beach, a place where Hollywood heavyweights make deals for the entertainment industry.

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