Posted by Gerald Crosby on on Jul 12th 2017

Beautiful men and women are sitting in an exotic spa of giant rocks, waterfalls, steam, mood lighting and sounds of nature or relaxing music. In the center there’s a deep hole where gold light shines upward from within. Down in the hole is the source which produces Body Detailer body wash, the new "Gold" variant. The body wash is so golden and pure that on the ceiling and rocks a reflection appears making the rocks appear as pure Gold.

Dirty construction workers come into the spa looking for relief after a hard day’s work. They shed their soiled clothing, wrap in towels and descend down into the hole as if it’s a swimming oasis with gold water and suds. They swim to the other side and are then lifted out of the hole by two beautiful women. On their bodies, there are gold flakes gently springing off as if it were carbonation representing the purest clean skin a man can achieve, a pureness which can only be possible using Body Detailer body wash.

The women in the spa are sitting around wearing discrete headsets with their towels, the headsets connect them to headquarters of a popular casting agency that’s seeking beautiful men for an upcoming film. You can see them communicating with a boss figure at the agency. They’re taking pictures of the men and immediately sending them to headquarters. (Headshots fly away through the air from each woman's phone via high speed data transfer)

The scene fades away as if it were a dream by a man waiting in line at the grocery store. The man has a six pack of beer and a few other food items, and a Body Detailer body wash; Gold variant. The cute young clerk is saying "sir", "sir" trying to get his attention. The man awakes then whispers to the clerk. The clerk then announces on the loud speaker but you don’t hear it because the dream fades in and out muffling the clerk’s voice.

A store employee then appears on a fork lift and on the lift is a pallet of Body Detailer body wash; (it’s the Gold variant selection) the customer directs the fork lift to his pickup truck outside, they load it up and he drives away smiling with images of becoming a movie star.


This is one of those entertaining commercials that plays on the subconscious mind making customers think that this is the body wash for them and no real life claims are made. This is just one of many commercials written by Gerald Crosby while walking barefoot on Carbon Beach, a place where Hollywood heavyweights often make deals that are awarded Oscars.

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