Big Bath Bars

Posted by Gerald Crosby on on Jan 8th 2024

Body Detailer makes bath bars that are a big 8.8 oz in size but its not the size of them that matters, rather its how dense we make them. We start out by making our soap bars with ingredients from Nature. We then smash them with a big machine to squeeze all the air pockets and air bubbles out. We then do it again a few more times resulting in an extremely dense bar of soap. 

One way to think about the difference is by taking two bars of any soap and placing them beside each other, one may be 5 oz and the other could be 3 or 4 oz yet they all may look exactly the same size. This is because the weight primarily comes from the density of the soap bar, not its size. Its a common magic trick used in the ice industry where you have two blocks of ice that appear to be the same size but one is heavier than the other. The one that weighs less does so because its full of air bubbles which you don't necessarily see or pay any attention to. The heavier one is more solid which lasts longer when they begin to melt. One will melt faster than the other.

This same trick is used in the soap business but its not a trick we use. Some soap bars may look big but aren't very dense meaning they will dissolve faster in the bath or shower. But when you make them multiple times the way we do to achieve more density, the soap is so solid that it can literally last a long time in the shower taking more time to shrink. We like making them as dense as we can for 3 reasons.

  1. they make a richer creamier lather 
  2. you get more soap for your money
  3. it won't dissolve as fast

That's how and why we make our soap the way we do. We don't believe in magic tricks when it comes to customers spending hard earned money on our products. You really do get what you pay for at Body Detailer Personal Care. We hope you'll try our soap and experience the difference because sometimes two products can look exactly alike but are actually very different.